The Challenge

The Challenge

All you need to know about the Spellinc Championship

Spellinc is a national level competition where students are tested on their English language skills. Crosswords, dictation, rapid fire and many such fun tasks are part of the contest.

For the first time ever, Spellinc is going digital. All rounds of the competition are going to be held online. The final quiz will be live streamed. You can participate from the comfort of your home.

You can register for Spellinc 2020 here
Each school that has registered will have a unique Spellinc School Code.This code must be mentioned in the online registration form.
In case you have registered without mentioning the Spellinc School Code, please don’t re-register. Your form will be processed even without the code.
You can win certificates, trophies, gift hampers and make your school proud! Each participant will get a certificate.
School children in 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade can participate in the contest.
Spellinc is a holistic English language challenge and tests skills such as listening, vocabulary, spellings etc. and you will have to prepare accordingly. You will find plenty of prep material in section on our website. Don’t forget to also check out Learn English Teens for more videos, quizzes and games.
British Council, our knowledge partner, sets the question papers. The assessment is done using an internationally accredited software which eliminates all human error while marking the answers.

Registrations for Spellinc 2020-21 have begun from 3rd September.

Happy to help! For further questions about the challenge, registrations or anything that comes to your mind, get in touch with us….

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