Qualifying Round Sample Challenge


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Read carefully

Part 1 - Spelling

Listen to the audio and choose the correct spelling from the options given below

Part 2 – Speaking

Listen to the audio carefully and select the answer from the options given below. Your answer should be closest in meaning to the sentence in Bold

Note - There is only one audio for all the questions. Listen to it first and then choose the best option. The audio file is given before all the questions only as a reference.

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Part 3 - Vocabulary

Unjumble the letters in bold to form a word. The meaning of the word has been given to help you. Write the correct answer in the box given below.

Part 4 -

Fill the gaps in the reading passage with the right form of the word. Choose the correct word form from the options given.


If you do not know an answer to a question, you can click next and proceed to the next question.